First Interview

it’s tuesday midnight when i was skype-ing with Dion Agam Arliado and the email came up, i thought it was another rejection but guess what? its an invitation for interviewww!! soo excited and panic. what should i do? what should i reply? i even ask for my friend for the appropriate way to confirm the interview.

photo 2 photo 3

but, my first skype interview was kuddel muddel (kacau balawwww). i was nervous as hell, my leg are shaaaaking.i forgot what i have to say and they give me an interview test which i have to do in 15 minutes. and voalaaa from 3 questions i only got 1 right (i guess?) which is what are the programs aired by nickelodeon blepblep.

a week after i’ve got an email bout my interview and the result is another rejection! !@#$%^&&%#!@#$% deng deng deng bye gaji 750 euro 😦


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