“So long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehen, Good Bye”.

Finally I’ve been able to visit to Mozart hometown and Mirabell garden. Actually it was spontaneous plan that we made because some of our friends come to Munich.

We use the Bayern ticket, which cost 38 euro for 4 person or 9.50 euro per person. With Bayern ticket you can access all Bavaria area until Salzburg Austria for 24 hour on weekdays and 27 hours for weekend. great deal right?

We plan to depart from Munich train station at 10.55 but crap some of us weren’t able to catch it on time including me haha but there’s a train to Salzburg every hour so we get the next train.

It took 1 hour 45 minutes to get there by meridian train. On our way to Salzburg we already amazed and enjoy the beautiful scenery through our window. Too bad we do not have long time to exploreeee every corner of Salzburg 😦 but we visit the popular do re mi scene, the Mirabell Garden!! It is exactly the same garden in the movie! And beautiful! Feels like I don’t want to leave the garden 😦 huhu but I will come back for sure maybe I’ll try the sound of music tour next time!

IMG_3420.JPG_effectedIMG_3421.JPG_effected IMG_3426.JPG_effected IMG_3447.JPG_effected IMG_3453.JPG_effected IMG_3466.JPG_effected IMG_3468.JPG_effected IMG_3484.JPG_effected IMG_3497.jpg_effected SAM_7831.JPG_effected SAM_7886.JPG_effected SAM_7893.JPG_effected SAM_7937.JPG_effected SAM_7946.JPG_effected


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