The Crazy Ice Maker

Hi! It’s a random post that I write since I can’t get focused on my business plan which I have to submit in 10 days -,- but only ice cream in my head.

recently, one of my friend recommends me an ice cream café, Der Verrückte Eismacher or the crazy ice maker in english. she said it is one of the best ice cream café in Munich. Aaand I confirm it is!! Have been there for the first time and lucky me, my friend treats me 3 scoops of ice cream wohoooo free ice cream!!

What makes it different from another ice cream café absolutely is their place. The interior is so attractive, which dominated with pink color: the wall, the chair and everything. Good ambiance with Alice in wonderland atmosphere. Woop woop.

As we come in, the waitress is so friendly. She explains everything about the ice cream (in English of course) since their menu is very unique plus we can try everything first before we order.

There is one flavor that I really like, it is erdbeer champagne but it is a little bit more expensive than the others because of the champagne but das gefäll­­t mir! will come again to try another flavor for sure!!

SAM_7608.JPG_effected SAM_7607.JPG_effected-003 SAM_7594.JPG_effected SAM_7593.JPG_effected SAM_7589.JPG_effected SAM_7588.JPG_effected


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