Intercity Buses in Germany

I went to berlin last weekend for visiting my friend, checking my new flat and well watching Arianna Grande’s concert haha. I found that the train ticket from Munich to berlin was not so expensive, it cost only 29 euros one way, but still if there is the cheapest one, why not?

So many people recommend flixbus or meinfernbus. I’ve tried meinfernbus before from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam and it cost only 15 euros! They have a good service, provide Wi-Fi and toilet.

I’ve observed that meinfernbus only can provide the schedule for a month ahead but I think the average of their price from Munich to berlin is 22 euro. Aandd I found the ticket back from berlin to munich for 18 euro by berlinlinienbus, Without thinking any further I just paid the ticket. So I only have the way back home.

a month before my departure I found that megabus offered a promo price and I checked from Munich to berlin is only 1.50 euro!!! Whaatttt!!! It’s about 20 or 25 thousand rupiahs! Gilee ke kampus aja kayanya lebih dari segituu hahahaha. They also have the same price from berlin to Munich. I shouldn’t buy that damn ticket!! If I wait a little bit longer I can get Munich-berlin-Munich for only 2.50 eurooo!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

Well from my experience they provide good service, the megabus is not so spacious compared to meinfernbus and berlinlinienbus . Oh and berlinenbus had a 15-20minutes late from the schedule and I have to pay 1 euro extra to put my suitcase while megabus and meinfern is on time and you can bring a normal size luggage for free.


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