Aaah Budapest!!! If I have to choose, I’ll choose Budapest among this 3 countries trip. A very interesting landscape of BUDA and PEST! Where the Katie Perry’s firework music video and another music video and movies take place.

Again, it is also a day trip, our first stop is definitely to take a picture at Hero Square 😀 and soon after that we adore the beautiful scenery of pest from ciutadella, visiting buda’s castle on the hill, and walking down all the way from the hills to the chain bridge.

The only one thing that I missed was to experience the thermal bath while thermal bath in Budapest known as the largest thermal bath in Europe L. but it all paid off with the night cruise which offer the Budapest’s best panoramic view at night! My favorite is the parliament building of Hungary and the bridge with its reflection in Danube River. Aahh I could enjoy the view all night long.

SAM_8818.jpg_effected SAM_8848.JPG_effected SAM_8855.JPG_effected SAM_8861.JPG_effected SAM_8867.jpg_effected SAM_8912.JPG_effected SAM_8913.JPG_effected SAM_8949.JPG_effectedSAM_8985.JPG_effected

our hostel in Budapest

our hostel in Budapest

Ah don’t forget to taste the most beautiful ice cream near by the St. peter church ;9

SAM_8924.JPG_effected SAM_8922.JPG_effected SAM_8929.JPG_effected


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