Unforgettable Bratislava

I probably will always remember Bratislava, since I almost got pickpocketed! When I found out my wallet is not in my bag rasanya bener bener lemes banget!!!!

Okay, so we were arrived in Bratislava in the morning. It is a day trip again btw. as we arrived and walk from bus to the city center, there is someone try to open my satchel. I just arrived in last than 10 minutes! But its not the story how I lost my wallet, I already aware when she open half of it. She was pretending to be a tourist and bring a big map to cover her hands.

But the almost pickpocketed incident is not the reason to not enjoy Bratislava. It is really interesting country with its history and culture. We got a walk tour and the guide is really good with telling the history and everything. He also show us the famous work man statue and they believe if someone rub his nose, they will get pregnant and if someone rub his head, they will get lucky. Actually I rub his head, maybe it is one of the reasons I did not lost my wallet hahahha.

After a long walk tour, the tour guide shows us a compass with the direction and distance from Bratislava to 29 major cities around the world including Jakarta! as Indonesian I definitely want to take picture of it. Actually I was recording it and it took me only 3 seconds. While I recording it I felt my satchel was weighty a little bit, but I was thinking maybe I was in the crowed. I look at my satchel, it was wide open and my wallet was gone!! I was shaaaking and ahh it’s indescribable and I shouted “my wallet, my wallet! Where is my wallet!” and then the tour guide said he got my wallet (how come?)

I ask him where did he found it and he said he found it on the ground. Actually, I don’t think I drop my wallet or did the tour guide take it? But never mind! I have my wallet back and it’s still complete.

After that almost pickpocketed incident, I just continue to strolling around the city center (with more extra careful this time) I was bought a cute tiny cat figurine with Bratislava ornament on it, some postcards and watching their traditional dance JSAM_9013.JPG_effected

SAM_9047.JPG_effected SAM_9037.JPG_effected SAM_9035.JPG_effected SAM_9027.jpg_effected SAM_9019.JPG_effected  SAM_9001.JPG_effected


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