Portrait : Current Mood

This is how we spent our free time, I stand still and he photographed.

I often turn into his emergency subject on his campus project, which I am very pleased to help him and happy to spend our time like dizzz. I know I barely can pose in front of camera but I was okay if it is him.

This photo actually my first photo that he took through his DSLR camera this year. After the LDR thingy for 7 months (I know it is not a long period of time but trust me LDR was horrible), his final project (I am sorry I can’t be there for you) until his graduation! I am truly beyond happy for him!

I thought as he done and got his bachelor degree and no more project he doesn’t need me anymore 😦 (sedikit curcol)

Visit the post for more photos.

Source: Portrait : Current Mood


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