When in Korea, Wear Hanbok

Feeling like a Korean princess in a day? Why not?

It’s called Hanbok, the Korean traditional dress in so many pretty colors and accessories. This dress is so cute, dominated by pastel colors, red blue and gold. At first, I cannot choose since it is all really nice and pretty! But my heart fell for a pink Hanbok with a little touch of gold.

Anyway, we rented this hanbok in One Day Hanbok. I chose this place because it is very popular among tourist and local, you can find many reviews about them everywhere. The main reason I chose one day hanbok is the voucher, you know I am not gonna let the voucher wasted LOL.

We rented for 4 hours for 11.000 won (with voucher) instead of 13.000 won (the original price). Purses, hair accessories and even hair styling tools are provided in here, even tough you have to style your hair by yourself. One day hanbok is located in jongno-gu, seoul. Kinda tricky to find the place because it is inside the building but we managed to find the right one. But as far as I know, now they moved to more strategic place. Go directly to their web for more info.

After all set up, we decided to go to Gyeokbokgung palace since it’s the famous one. The palace is near, we can get there by subway actually but I can’t face people looking at me because of this hanbok. Well, it is not something to be embarrassed but to be honest I am kinda shy. So, we get there by taxi for only 5.000 won.

As we get there, I realize that I  was wrong. I don’t need to be shy because there are a lot of tourist and even local are wearing hanbok.

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The best thing of wearing hanbok is not only to be pretty but a free entrance ticket is also given. What a good strategy Korea tourism! The palace itself is so huge, it is perfectly same from what I see in the Korean drama even though it is not the exact location LOL. But, it is very pretty, I enjoyed my every minute in the palace.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset


  • It’s already crowded in one day hanbok rental when I arrive. I suggest to make a reservation before by email.
  • There are a lot of palace and village to visit while wearing hanbok, including Namsan Hanok Village, Bukchon Hanok Village and so on.
  • Go to the less popular one to avoid photo bomber.
  • Check your arrival time because some of palaces are closed on Monday or Tuesday.
  • If you wanna go to Gyeokbokgung palace maybe you don’t want to miss royal guard changing ceremony, check your arrival time because I miss that T.T



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