Aaah Budapest!!! If I have to choose, I’ll choose Budapest among this 3 countries trip. A very interesting landscape of BUDA and PEST! Where the Katie Perry’s firework music video and another music video and movies take place. Again, it is also a day trip, our first stop is definitely to take a picture at … Continue reading Budapest


Vienna, where Schubert was born while Mozart and Beethoven spend the rest of his life in here. Lucky me to be able to visit this town. sebenarnya ini liburan yang tertunda. Sebulan yang lalu kita sudah book trip yang sama dengan agen lain tapi apa daya 2 jam sebelum trip kita dikabarkan kalau supir bisnya … Continue reading Vienna

Neuschwanstein Castle

Agak keterlaluan sepertinya kalau udah stay di Munich 4 bulan tapi gak ke Neuschweinstein castle. Yes, I think Neuschweinstein is the most famous castle in all of Europe. This castle is the inspiration and the original castle of disney’s sleeping beauty and Cinderella castle! Neuschweinstein castle is located in the heart of breathtaking Bavaria. It … Continue reading Neuschwanstein Castle

Frühlingsfest München

Haloooo Actually, ini sangat sangat latepost karena sebenarnya fruhling fest nya juga udah lewat hehehe. Aku beberapa kali ke fruhling fest di Munchen, aaandd I like it!! Seru banget karena suasana festival nya kerasa banget. Kalau di liat liat siih fruhling fest ini kombinasi antara dufan sama pasar malem 😀 wahana nya seperti di dufan … Continue reading Frühlingsfest München